Happy Winter Solstice

Generated with Stable Diffusion
Generated with Stable Diffusion

Can’t complain about some of the results of AI art but I’m still taken by surprise by how good it is and what is reserved for the future of artists. I’ve became an artist because it was one of the few things that couldn’t be automated, and now that hill is overrun…

In our defence, it still produces a lot of repeated and bad results, but the big players in the field are already moving to categorize the best outputs and feed them back into the models. I think that AI will, eventually produce results as good as an human artist, as it’s happening with writing. however this will only be accessible to large corporations with enough money to rent the supercomputers necessary to train the models.

I don’t see decent model training happening on consumer GPUs soon, however, data can be added to available models on consumer GPUs and I think a lot of what is seen on social media already has pervasive use of AI art, deepfakes and writing.

Happy Winter Solstice and I wish you all the best for the next year.