Lara Croft raids a tomb

It wouldn’t be a proper tomb raid without a mummy gangbang would it, Lara? (this will have a custom wet and ahegao version for patrons)

This month I’ve brought FQuest’s text to near completion. The new parts are also very untested (which means buggy or unplayable) but I’ll do that in December along with the ending variations and the remaining sex scenes. 

After that, the editing process starts, which will take at least a couple more months and it’s a beast on its own (party characters need more and better characterization, etc). I want to spend enough time in editing to make sure it’s polished and pleasurable to read and play.

Changelog this month:

> Finished Temple of Ishtar’s quest

> Finished gold heist in Xern Keep

> Nymph scene in the Bay of Roses

> Rabid Sycamore King Game Over

> Larissa’s miniquest in Muridge

> Finished Teria Siege on Torgon’s side (it’s rushed, but will be polished when editing)

> Player can now have a custom village name

> Locklear swamp can now be visited and the book of the monastery library can be unlocked

> TODO: Endings variations, retriggerable sex scenes, debugging, balancing, editing

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