Miss Summers – Third Term


My last pic of Miss Summers. Enjoy

After our nympho teacher used her magic on the Principal, she was allowed to keep teaching. It was common that she came to school in the morning with smeared makeup and a buttplug in her ass under her jeans. She also started greeting us with blowjobs. Female students absolutely despised her and usually requested tranfer to classes with another math teacher. By the third term, all Miss Summers classes were male only.

One day, we were trying a threeway gangbang. We were all naked and in the middle of the classroom. I was under Miss Summers, fucking her pussy and licking and munching on her boobs, definitely the best spot. Another student was over her and deep inside her ass, meanwhile, she tried to manage whatever cocks she could suck.

“I’ll be next on our cumdump’s pussy,” someone said. No one called her by name anymore. Some called her cumdump or sexdoll. Some called her school slut. But usually we called her whatever was dirty at the moment. “Drink it all, little whore”, a student said coming inside her mouth.

“Aw! My boys, I taught you so well,” she said, gasping for air, then she resumed her loud moans.

Suddenly, the door opened, a man in his 50’s stood there, mouth agape. Miss Summers’ fame attracted the attention of the Department for Education and this man was coming to investigate what was going on here. We stopped fucking but the surprise gained me an orgasm and my cock shot hot cum inside our teacher’s pussy. Meanwhile, the student on her ass froze in place while pulling her hair. Miss Summers, completely cumdrunk and with a quirky smile, looked at the man and said “Want some of this too, old man?”

We were all expelled on the spot and Miss Summers and the Principal were fired.

“I don’t know what I expected,” she said, “how am I going to pay the rent now?”
“Why don’t you give us private lessons? Your house is big enough for several classes”
“You’re all graduated and you’ll be attending my private college then.”
“Yes, Principal Summers.”
“We need more girls thou…””

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