Miss Summers – Second Term


Here’s another pic and story of Miss Summers. I’m also open for Commissions. Enjoy ­čśë


We finally returned to school. Miss Summers came in determined to teach us some math and acted like nothing ever happened. She was wearing her usual denim jacket and a tight red sleeveless shirt that did little to hide her big beautiful cleavage. Her boobs pressed tight against each other. She was chewing bubblegum and wrote an exercise on the blackboard, her big ass dancing, covered with low cut jeans as she stepped to the side to write more of that silly math stuff. Then she called one student to solve it. He stood close at her side and stared at the blackboard. “Well?” She asked with concealed amusement.

“Miss Summers, I… I have no idea what is this,” he replied.

“I thought I had given you enough motivation, boy,” she said, dead serious.

“The problem is… I think about fucking you every day since the first day of school. All my grades are terrible because of you, Miss Summers.”

We were nodding and agreeing with his plight. She could hardly contain the enthusiasm and rubbed her thighs together. She wasn’t happy with his failure to focus on school, but couldn’t stop herself from making things much worse. Miss Summers dropped to her knees and unwrapped her student’s dick from his clothes. Of course, he was already hard. Then she took out her peppermint bubblegum from her mouth and threw it into the trashcan, and finally, wrapped her thick lips around that dick.

We all rose from our desks, but she looked at us and raised her hand, moaning twice with her mouth full. We stopped and sat again. Then she pointed to the blackboard and started sucking the student’s dick slowly. We understood that to have her, we had to solve that math thing. We grew impatient with the lewd sounds of her sucking. Some of us were even filming and taking pictures with our smartphones. But, with a few notions of stoicism, I managed to shut myself into the textbook in front of me and solve the basic exercise. I looked up, grinning and saw my classmate pulling Miss Summers’ head to deepthroat her and then cum inside, his cock moving like a cum pump. Her throat moved up and down, gulping his entire load.

She got up and composed herself and her glasses, but left a few ropes of cum on the corner of her mouth. Her makeup was beautifully smeared. But, the now happy and exhausted student, had to go sit.

“Anyone solved the exercise?” she asked.

“Me! Me! Me!” I jumped from my chair.

“Then,” she bent over her desk, “What are you waiting for?”

“You lucky bastard”, “go fuck our little whore”, “give her a good trashing,” my classmates commented.

It took me a few seconds to realize what she really wanted, but then I spent the rest of the class time fucking our teacher. Her pussy was still scorching hot and tight and felt even better than the first time. I tried to control my orgasm in order to last longer, but I ended up coming inside her a few minutes later. “It’s ok,” she said, as happy as if I had given her an expensive present. She let me rest on her chair, then sat over me, rubbing her body on mine, drunk with arousal, impatient to get me going again.

When I got hard again, she helped herself and started riding me, but then, the bell rang. “Fuck! Fuck school!” her mouth curled, “this is why we can’t have nice things.” She got up briskly, “see you tomorrow then.”

At the beginning of the term, she kept the sex to the minimum and only during the weekly two-hour class, and chose the best students to fuck her. However, it didn’t take long before we understood that we could do anything to her and she lost control over us and herself. Even when she raised her hand to stop her students, we kept going and whenever someone came on her, another student’s cock was ready to replace the last one. Miss Summers also chuckled proudly when we showed the thousands of┬ácomments on her photos and videos spreading around the internet.

By the end of the second term, she was fucked in every class. We also lasted much longer and generally pounded her body harder, she could take it. The hot spring weather was inviting and some students managed to catch up with her during her smoking pause behind school to use her delicious body.

Somehow that was not enough for Miss Summers. One day, she was bent over trying to write the homework assignment on the blackboard while I was pounding her ass. The bell rang and the other students started leaving, but I kept going.
“Say, you want to come home with me? I’ll get you lunch,” she said looking back.
“Of course Miss Summers!” I replied slowing down. We got dressed and she had wet cum showing on her cleavage, so I pulled a tissue to clean.
“Leave it,” she dismissed it and grabbed her bag.

She had a really big modern house with a huge dining room and in the garden right outside, a pool, but she lived all alone in it. No wonder she was a nympho. So we fucked first, then had lunch, relaxed naked in the garden, had a nice conversation about what turned her on, and then I fucked her continuously for hours until my cock hurt and we had to go inside because it was getting dark and cold.
“I love having your cum all over me.” she said, her bubble butt dancing around while she walked in front of me. I just sat on the gigantic black sofa, exhausted and exhaled. Miss Summers immediately began to wrap her thick lips around my cock. It was surprising how much work that pole could do and still be hard.
“You’re never satisfied, are you?” I asked to no reply and ended up falling sound asleep.

When I came back to my senses, I heard her slightly aroused voice. “Hmhm, ok… I’ll be fine…” Miss Summers was riding me very slowly, my cock harder than before but still hurting, and she was on the phone. “Don’t worry dad, I’ll have a talk with the Principal… ok… I love you too, buhbye.”

“Is everything ok?” I asked and grabbed her ass.
“Yes. I’m going to pay a visit to the Principal tonight. He wants to expel me from school, but it’s probably because he isn’t getting anything nice, you know what I mean?”
“Indeed. I should go home and have some vacations.”
“Where do you think you’re going? I want you here tonight when I get back.”
“Oh… errr… ok.”

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