Miss Summers – First Term

This is a scene that I wrote for some time, but didn’t have the chance to make a picture of it, and realizing that I never write erotica/porn, I gave myself a try. Enjoy 😉 (My first language is not english, so be easy on my grammar).

First Term

Miss Summers walked into the classroom like she owned the school. She was our new math teacher but I did notice her before, because of how students howled as she walked down the corridors. It was difficult to avoid her bubble butt and huge bust. Her short curly hair always revealed her elegant neck, and had black rimmed glasses adorning her big green eyes. Her usual high heels, jeans and denim jacket gave the impression of a sex-starved gazelle sponsored by Levis.
In a room full of horny male teenagers not too far from her age, she never smiled, however, she also never failed to go to a student’s desk whenever he had doubts, and get up close and personal. Miss Summers bent over often, her legs straight and spread apart, leaving her ass in someone else’s face. Her shirts and tops either had a brutal cleavage or were so tight that her boobs stretched the fabric and her nipples always showed even when they weren’t hard. She had a large silver cross adorning her neck, but I very much doubted of her piety. Miss Summers never used underwear apart from bright red laced panties, that showed up whenever she sat and leaned forward.

With each class, we got friendlier with our teacher. One of my classmates, the clown of the pack, was the only one capable of making the first moves. He started talking to her closer and closer. Then came putting the hand around her shoulder or waist, to which she didn’t flinch or react at all. Some times she sat on a desk in the middle of us instead of giving the class from her desk or the blackboard. Our sexy teacher was slender and none of the guys was shorter than her, so it was easy to feel overpowering or in control. Soon we were all sneaking a hand into her body, touching her softly while staring or taking pictures of her cleavage and butt.

By the end of the first term, Miss Summers had already taken home 2 of my classmates, and I was feeling kind of left out. So on the penultimate day of school before holidays, some classmates surrounded Miss Summers near the blackboard under the pretext that they wanted something explained. I joined the gang and saw one of them grab her arm and feel her bare shoulder. I could feel the heat of her smoking hot body. Another classmate sneaked a hand on her bare chest in order to lift her bursting top and grab one breast. She wasn’t even surprised and even moved her shoulders back to make her boobs stand out even more. A student on her back pulled her denim jacket and sneaked a hand inside her jeans. I just pulled her jeans down and reached for her ass and the filled my other hand with her free breast.

“You like those don’t you?” she said, breathing heavily and looking defiant as if asking if that was all we got.

Suddenly the bell rang and we scurried off like scared animals. Our teacher gathered her breath to say “see you tomorrow,” with a wink and a smile.

On the next day, the last day of school before holidays, I waited for one of her bend-overs, and fix my problem, even if it meant getting expelled. I got up, grabbed her waist and covered her body with mine, making sure she felt my cock through our clothes, then whispered in her ear “Miss Summers, I can’t focus”. Before she could reply, the student in front of her grabbed her boobs and felt them through the thin white shirt, her nipples hard as gummy bears and her body shivered for a second. All the other students came closer.

She rose up while I held her, “is that so? Anyone else has trouble focusing?” Everyone raised hands. “So, are you man enough to fuck me in front of your friends?” She asked looking back at me.

I felt myself turn into an animal, quickly pulling down her jeans and pulling her panties aside. Then forced her to keep bent over the desk and filled her tight dripping wet and perfectly shaved pussy with my hard cock. Miss Summers’ insides were scorching hot and wet and her pussy pulsing with excitement. I had never felt my cock this hard! Her soft moans were shy and she never made eye contact with her students, even while surrounded. Someone barred the door with a desk and thankfully we were on the second story, so there were no outside onlookers.

We helped her take off her tight jacket and lift her top to reveal her delicious juggs. Everyone wanted to play with them and she finally came to life, now the sex-starved expensive gazelle was a playful street kitten. Most students didn’t know what to do with their cocks besides masturbating and were shy, so Miss Summers, like a good teacher, showed what her tongue could do.

Before the bell struck, she had successfully milked all our cocks, 15 total. After catching their breath, the students left the classroom, but some stayed a bit longer to help her clean up. Ultimately we had to let her go before someone noticed she was missing.

Then came the longest school holidays ever.




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