Nyni in the Elevator #2

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Second part of the commissioned piece of Nyni, a sexy Mirialan in SW:TOR ( f-list.net/c/Nyni ). And the second part of the story by the commissioner:

*Of course, with all the time in the world they were slow in administering their horny touches and caresses over Nyni’s squirming and now nude body. It felt good, the only part she wasn’t at terms with was how she hadn’t been given any choice in the matter. Although if given it, she would’ve probably been eager to answer positively and have the same end result..
Soon enough the doors to the elevator closed with an audible hiss. Her human friend quickly pressed the emergency stop button to prevent them from moving but also keep them at the current level where the third comrade was keeping a lookout and make sure no one would try to pry the doors open. On the upper or lower levels people would simply assume the lift was broken.
It was that audible hiss that made Nyni’s eyes blink rapidly in realization that this was really it. She was being openly molested and felt up without any say in the matter, with no means of evading the inevitable. However it was the duo’s complete silence that made it unbearable. Why didn’t they say anything?! She kept asking herself in her head while her mouth was releasing steady coos and mewls of pleasure when the Pureblood’s fingers began to glide over her pussy lips, a familiar slickness soon coating them.
The human was still busy with her tits, squeezing into them with great satisfaction. The rough gesture began as uncomfortable but due to her past as a previous pleasure-slave, it’s not as if she hadn’t been taught and corrupted into finding those exact rough hands and gestures more than a tad arousing. So soon the coarse and experienced hands pulling on her pierced nipples made her groan in delight.
The loud groan alerted her to the fact this was becoming increasingly hot. It didn’t strike her before to actually try to enjoy herself between these two -big- men that had all intention to fuck her senseless. Her look of disgust became that of indecisiveness as she was turned around to face the Human and have her luscious ass face the Pureblood. To them it didn’t matted if Nyni was into it or not, but even they could tell at how little the Mirialan was tossing her arms about now compared to when they began that she was starting to warm up to the idea.
All according to their plan. They knew the personality she had, how perverted she was and rampant when it became to her sexual lusts. As soon as she was turned around she could tell she was in for quite the treat, upon seeing the hard, veiny cock awaiting her the moment she was turned around. Her mouth went agape, stunned at the sheer size of her friend’s prick. Naturally she hadn’t seen it up until now, or even thought about him in that light..
But seeing how endowed and excited he was for what was to come, Ny’s knees quivered in delight and made her legs press against each other momentarily before the Pureblood steadied her. She could tell that the time for exploration was over. She had no more than a few moments to stare at the fuckrod before her head was crudely shoved against it and at first she closed her mouth to deny it any kind of access.
However a few moments of the pre-cum slick cockhead rubbing against her green lips made her soon think differently and she was more than happy to open them up and allow her friend to use her mouth as he wished. ‘What’s wrong with me?’ she thought to herself and her behavior, but the more her mouth was used, the more she was becoming accustomed to her role as this pair’s cocksleeve.
She steadied herself on the thighs of the Human while the Pureblood was busy rubbing her now also exposed, and equally erect, shaft against the emerald-colored bubble butt presented in front of him. She could swear there were drips of drool dropping onto her skin, but quickly realized that wasn’t drool..it was pre-cum. Nyni let out a slutty moan when that same pre-leaking dick started to slide across her nectar-leaking flower, coating itself in her cunt’s excitement.
“Mffmmphh..” The Mirialan drooled over the cock in her mouth, and that drool-coated groan soon turned into a thrilled scream of bliss when the Pureblood shoved his expansive girth into the alien’s needy pussy. It was the combination of pure, unspoiled tightness, warmth and wetness that made him look up at the elevator ceiling and release a deeply held back, guttural -growl- of pleasure.
They soon set a quick pace, always ensuring one cock was inside while the other pulled out to thrust back in. Nyni clawed at her friends thighs, not to hurt him but to encourage him. They picked up the hint and both doubled their efforts until the Miralan was being thoroughly fucked and spitroasted like a cantina whore. And she couldn’t be happier about it..*

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