Nyni in the Elevator #1


Commissioned piece of Nyni, a sexy Mirialan in SW:TOR ( f-list.net/c/Nyni ). The commissioner also wrote a story to accompany the scene, check it out:

“Nyni always liked bold outfits that caught the attention of those around her, especially if they were her friends. This time was no different, as she had found the perfect golden-colored bikini-like piece of attire that fit perfectly with the golden nipple-piercings she already had and the adorable chain that connected the two rings. She often found herself playing around with the chain in the mirror, pondering if she could show it off with some kind of outfit without going completely nude.
It didn’t come cheap, but the end result was just what she was looking for. Nyni didn’t waste any time and jumped straight into a flashpoint with her mates. It didn’t take long for all three to be staring at her, creating a prominent blush on the Mirialan’s cheeks as her friends stared her down from every angle and examined what their perverted friend had managed to cover herself in this time. The answer was.. not a lot, as the entire attire was literally a pair of plates covering the bust and a white loincloth and a matching pair of panties to preserve ‘some’ level of decency.
Of course, that meant that most of her curvaceous, green body was on full display and her friends were -very- aware of that. No words were exchanged as they went into the mission briefing. The trio of men mindlessly nodded their heads at the debriefing while Nyni tried not to think about the three pair of eyes constantly glued in on her ass that the white loincloth had a hard time concealing.
After the rather..awkward moment was over, they made their way to the elevator that would take the party where they were needed. Nyni was oblivious to the whispering that went on behind her, as well as the clothes that were quickly taken off by the three men behind her. Normally they would all be very chatty, but she knew on her way to the elevator that something was wrong..
One of her friends and apparently (unbeknownst to her) the only one still dressed, took a step into the elevator and faced Nyni. He smiled politely and she was just about to make a pun about maybe not picking the best outfit this time when she felt the two large hands of her Pureblood friend suddenly grasping onto her from behind. He made quick work of the bikini-top and its armored cups over Nyni’s form and tossed it out of the elevator, and in the span of only a few seconds those very same hands were fondling one of her heavy green tits, now fully exposed, and seeking out her still somewhat covered pussy.
Nyni let out a panic-filled scream as the hands kept groping her. She looked up the person in the elevator, once thought to be her friend and could see a level of.. desire, and evil in his eyes that she had never seen before. Both of their lips formed a sinister smirk, touching and fondling her tight body while working the last piece of cloth she had left off of her squirming body. She was pushed further into the elevator’s small space, now fully nude before her two ‘friends’ who couldn’t wait to enjoy everything Nyni had to offer them..”

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