Captain Larissa and her Pet Kraken


Hi, this is my entry for Pirates & Booty contest at Hentai Foundry. Final resolution is 5760*3240 and you’ll be able to grab the smaller version on Hentai Foundry when it’s uploaded. Please notice that I will write¬†a complete Work in Progress Commentary of this piece later.

In the mean time enjoy the final image and Larissa’s little story:

Larissa, the renowned Anglo-Spanish Captain of the pirate vessel The Bloody Neptune. She was especially fierce with her enemies and strict with her crew, but when in a good mood she offered any girls among the captured to her crew as sex slaves, mostly as a way to keep order in her ship. Larissa was also known to parade around the ship half naked and to take the Quartermaster into her cabin for long hours of loud nymphomaniac sex.

But the most incredible part of her Legend says that one day, she boarded another pirate ship, the Kyushu no Akuto, and said to its captain “Arghhh, give me ye best treasure ye lice infested, sorry sea-dog!”. Among the incredibly rich booty gathered from all around the world, were some sorcery books and the captain’s pet kraken, which at the time was no taller than 10 centimeters and very cute (“kawaii desu” in the owner’s own words).

However, once Captain Larissa started to translate phrases of the books, she came to the conclusion that they were ancient spells intended to harness the power of the Kraken. Spells that she set herself to cast. So she read an incantation out loud, which made the pet kraken sneeze. Larissa then drank some rum from a golden chalice, unaware that behind her, the pet kraken was released out of his kawaii form and growing rapidly into a monster. He ripped Larissa’s skirt and pulled her down, right in her cabin, and used her whole body. He used all her holes all night long, but the crew didn’t notice anything because her lewd howls were no different than usual.

When the sun came up, the cute pet kraken was sleeping right next to the cum drenched Captain Larissa. Knowing then what that beast was capable of, no ship could face the Kraken’s might and The Bloody Neptune terrorized the seas even more and Larissa became the most feared pirate of her time.

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