Inanna’s Spell

Inanna's spell

The story of this picture is that I was trying to draw a famous singer but ended up drawing the goddess Inanna, and seeing how cool it was becoming I couldn’t abandon the sketch, so I went ahead and made a relatively quick painting.

Anyway, this kind of reminded me of why I got into drawing porn. Besides being a frustration outlet, I always wanted to draw sex in fantasy environments but also as religious experiences. I wanted to depict the conjunction of bodies and not just domination/submission (hence the sun represented in the middle of my triplehex logo).

2 thoughts on “Inanna’s Spell

  1. And this is why I love your drawings of Europa so much. Putting this element of magic into sex, often invoking the divine, is so refreshing and makes for thematically beautiful images.

    Actually, I like the overwhelming majority of your drawings, but this is because your art is just beautiful anyway, but some of them are just special.

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