Mythical Beauty – Chayot Hakodesh


I’m proud to announce a new commissioned series by the mighty Tweek86. This series will focus on feminine beauty and will not feature nudity or porn. So, I’m posting it with my mainstream nickname, xeoncat, and will also be posted on my deviantart and shadowness profiles.

The first piece is of the beings referred in the Bible as the Chayot. Ezekiel saw them as a composite of 4 beings, later called the tetramorph. Since most resources about the Chayot come from hebrew mysticism, I added some flavor in that direction. It is very difficult to envision a concept for an angel because there are so many depictions of angels and winged beings throughout the history of art and throughout many cultures, that it was really difficult to come up with something fresh and sexy and at the same time still drawing from the source material. Hope you like it!

Don’t forget to download the 1920×1080 or 2560×1440 wallpapers, because they have sweet details.


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