What I Wanted

This is an entry for Badgermushroom’s contest in HF called “Ancient Worlds”. I could go with some fantasy, so I did.

A lot of things went wrong with this job, from start working with the wrong resolution to releasing the image on a jewish holiday (which I’m sure, it’s all kinds of offensive), but it turned out better than I expected.

Anyway, I wanted the story of what’s happening to be more or less recognizable without a description but let’s provide at least a background. In the fifth century BC, the hebrews were invaded by the neo-babylonian empire, and many spent 70 years in Babylon as slaves. In that time, they learned a lot about babylonian culture and magic. One of these slaves became a powerful wizard and literally wrote the book on how to give life to inanimate things – these beings were called Golems. So this knowledge was passed down for generations, until, centuries later, a fooling wannabe witch girl, tried to build some Golems for her personal amusement.

At least she got what she wanted – chicken. No, just kidding, it’s hard rough sex.

(I give cookies to whomever identify the symbols in the picture from the top of their head)

Uber resolution here

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